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Aircraft Values

The trusted online platform for advanced aircraft valuations and risk assessment

Easy. Quick. Precise

The market-leading aircraft valuation methodology from the Aircraft Value Analysis Company (AVAC) meets commercial fleet data from RDC Aviation for the easiest method of assessing aircraft and portfolio values. The powerful serial and registration search, twinned with an advanced aircraft options and adjustments mechanic, enables accurate values analysis on single aircraft or across entire portfolios.

All New Features

Aircraft Values Pro builds on over 25 years of experience to deliver its most advanced aircraft valuation reporting engine yet.

Serial or Type-specific Values

Serial search

Calculate and customise current and future values and lease rates by a specific aircraft registration or generic type. Values are updated monthly.

Build Portfolios


Quickly calculate total values and lease rates across entire aircraft fleets. Easily customise fleet characteristics for a precise output.

Advanced Customisation


Modify aircraft specifications to assess value changes according to different conditions. Select half or full life values and see lease encumbered market value.

Unique Probability Tool


Assess risk confidently by calculating valuation probability in a selected future year against lower and upper value ranges.

Compare Pro

Aircraft Values Pro features everything you know and love from Aircraft Values Reference, plus many powerful new features.

Aircraft Values Reference
  • Values and lease rentals
  • Year of build
  • Aircraft ratings
  • Editable output in Excel format
  • Values and lease rentals
  • Year of build
  • Aircraft ratings
  • Editable output in Excel format
  • Serial number search
  • Type-specific values
  • Monthly updates
  • Portfolio with auto updates
  • Specific future value month
  • Full or half life values